Coaching & mentoring

One of the myths perpetuated by the financial services industry is that financial planning — wealth management in particular — is very complicated.

It’s true that, because we’re fallible human beings, it’s not always easy. But, if you have the basic knowledge, it’s actually fairly simple.

There are some aspects to it — investing your pension savings, for example — that intelligent people are perfectly capable of doing themselves, thereby avoiding substantial ongoing fees.

Only pay for the help you need

In our experience, people today are primarily looking for coaching, mentoring and personalised financial education. They want someone they can trust and who can help them navigate the complexities of money, emotions and life. That's what we provide.

As a client of Second Life, you only pay for the help you need, as and when required.

We strongly recommend that, if you don’t already have a financial plan, you pay for our financial planning package — or, if you’re ready to retire, our retirement planning package.


Please note, Second Life Financial Planning provides expert financial guidance, not regulated financial advice. We refer clients requiring advice on specific financial products to firms, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, that share our evidence-based investment philosophy.